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Let’s get CRUISE with Disaya Sorakraikitikul

DISAYA reintroduces the one and only “Marie Magdalene ‘Marlene’ Dietrich” for Cruise 2018 collection by taking her diva and glamorous persona as well as her conspicuous looks reinforce the main key inspiration. Aom Disaya Sorakraikittikul, Creative Director of DISAYA, responses to several questions about the new collection from the lead up to its appearance for all the fans...let’s go through this together!!

Q: Why Marie Magdalene Dietrich has to be your main source of inspiration behind Disaya CR18 collection?

A: “Personally, I think Dietrich is the one and only woman who has completed her cool side yet feminist style as she is renowned for a modern woman during that period. She dress up to express through her look showing her masculine & glamorous style dating back since 40's Parisian. That’s the main reason why I undoubtedly bring this concept to discuss with my team on how to convert all this inspiration and ideas to put in DISAYA Cruise 2018 collection."

Q: Tell us about technique & fabrication usage for this collection.

A: “I use a variety of DISAYA signature techniques like embroidery for represents 40’s as Dietrich period with art deco style. Meanwhile the brand’s expertise like printed design has been interpreted in ‘Jewelries Print’ which tends to be all-time favorite pieces of jewelries from earrings, bracelets to brooches on the canvas. We also offer a bejeweled gemstone color palette mixed with the basic color scheme of black, white and blush rosette pink to give a classic and elegance touch. Additionally, the knit jumper has turned to be another spotlight piece with the oversized pearls and jewelries embroidery like pink knit top that Toey Jarinporn wore it and most of our customers returns to our shop and want to purchase this top. They love it so much.”

Q: Any pieces you want to recommend and why?

A: "Actually, I just can’t choose…I totally love all of them!!. She laughed. But if I have to choose I proudly opt for a green velvet dress with pearl from Diamente Remix set because this dress expresses our statement look from this collection. More importantly, this dress makes me look slim and I truly believe that all the girls will love it too! She giggled. I also really like Pink midi dress from Diamente Remix that Mew Nittha wore too. This dress can be worn in any parties…lastly is knit piece Diamente Remix set. You can mix and match this topwith items that you already had in your closet too."

Q:  Last but not least, do you want to say something to DISAYA fans?

A: Ohhh…I want to see all of Disaya girls wear Cruise 2018 to any places they want to go. From meeting appointments, beach trips, sipping tea at noon to iconic party! They can wear it from day to night just added some heels and you will be shine in the spotlight  which is just perfect for this time of the year.”

We bet you guys want to have DISAYA cruise 18 collection as your own…just come and check it out at http://www.disaya.com and LINE ID: @disaya or visit our boutiques, at Siam Paragon Fl.1, Central Embassy, Groove at Central World & EmQuartier Fl.2, Curator Building C.

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