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#DisayaBunka : One day with Mew Nittha in Tokyo

There’s certainly no doubt why Tokyo has been one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. A city that’s always and promptly on the go, the blessed capital with richness of traditional & culture, fJapanese food and most importantly, forward-thinking fashion. For the latest installment of #DISAYABunka AKA Japanese version of #DISAYACulture, we’ve tapped Disaya Sorakraikittikul’s favorite girl, Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn to show us what the fast-paced city has been offered from day to night in various styles from Disaya Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Are you ready to go along with her?? Let’s get it together, girls!!

“This place has always changed from time to time. Fashion, art, food or even people in the street for example. I think Tokyo has a large community of youth who can just do and wear whatever they want just to express themselves and it’s where any types of person will be able to feel accepted whichever and whatever they are. It’s my instinct that… this is truly a safe city and every single time I’m back in this beautiful town, it feels more and more like home to me.” Mew Nitta said to her favorite city.

Luckily for us, Mew's been revealing every cool look she has worn in various styles from Disaya Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The first photo, she opted for #HegemonyRemix beret hat, a #TropicalRebel jacket & skirt, and shiny boots—the coolest athleisure ensembles of what we've seen in a while…which makes all eyes on her on the street. Mew also mix and match her style with all accessories to complete her look perfectly that’s why we can spot plenty amazing Tokyo looks from her. 

At night, Mew changed her look to #TropicalRebel bomber jacket from Disaya Spring/Summer 2018 collection for participating in Disaya pre-Christmas exclusive party at Wall & Wall bar in Omotesando. It was definitely a night to remember, with friends of Disaya such as fashion editors, stylists, fashion buyers, models and celebrities from Japan that makes Mew enjoyed the party so much and she didn’t doubt to change her outfit to be more cozy & friendly for the vibes!

Mew smiled brightfully and said “This time, I’ve seen many people from all over the places in Tokyo. Some of them I once met and talked since last time I was in Tokyo with Disaya which makes me feel closer to them than before. From the bottom of my heart, Tokyo is not just a city for traveling but a home to me. A place where I always feel welcome.”

To get all these looks from Mew Nittha…just come and get it now at Paragon Department Store Fl.1, Central Embassy Fl. 2, Groove at CentralWorld Fl.2 & Emquatier Fl.2, Qurator or  http://www.disaya.com and LINE ID: @disaya. 


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