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Summer calling with Disaya

Disaya Spring/Summer 2018 collection portrays as a distinctive harmonizes of arts in the romanticism period with a luxurious lifestyle of Europe and South of Asia, which is also the newest inspiration from Disaya Sorakraikittikul, the creative director of DISAYA. Today, she wants to express and tell stories about #DisayaSS18 collection from the lead up to its appearance for all the fans... Are you ready to get through this together, girls???


“This collection inspires by a unique combination between two cultures, the luxurious British style in the Victorian era whilst exploring journey across Indian culture. I truly believe that all Disaya fans will love it like I do,” Aom Disaya expresses about her latest work.

“Our design team put a lot of effort on researching about this collection before it has been launched. They’ve saw Sezincote house or notable example of Neo-Mughal architecture in the mid-19th century and decided to adapt with this romantic summer vibes into the collection. We’ve continuously collaborating all the designs with a richness culture of India, from appliances and furniture to a delicate print of floral and animals on the colonial wallpaper to enclosing a garden of paradise.  I knew at that time that our fans will come shop it all after they’ve seen the whole collection,” she said and smiles. 


When it comes to her favorite pieces from #DisayaSS18 collection, she immediately chimed, "Actually, I just can’t choose…I totally love all of them!!(laughs) I proudly present #TropicalRemix dress because the print represents statement look from this collection and you can wear it from day to night because this bright color can match with all the situations. Moreover, #HegemonyRemix set are something I would live in and I truly believe that all the girls will love it too! I really like this top and pants from the set. Both of themcan be worn for any occasions… You can also mix and match with items that you already had in your closet or you can match with sneakers for day and change to heels at night. More importantly, We’ve use all special techniques such assequins embroidery, swing and smock, three-dimensional appliqués creating the stunning lace gown in various textures. Additional, Athleisure is something new for the collection too. We’ve combined an elastic cuff and collar details with long-sleeve dresses and oversize jackets for #TropicalRebel set, which I think it very NEW and exciting steps for #DisayaSS18 collection.”


 Last but not least, our creative director shows her passion & determination for #DisayaSS18 collection through her view, “I want all the girls to have good experiences and enjoy when they wear Disaya dress. Our team imbued the new collection with romantic color palette such as blush rosette, liquid sky and white dresses, printed with vivid flowers and Indian pattern forms, matching summer color tones with red, yellow and misty jade for youthful vibes throughout this season. I hope all of you guys will love it too.”

  And those who have wide-eyes and want to have new summer vibes dress. You guys can drop by for #DisayaSS18 collection at http://www.disaya.com and LINE ID: @disaya or find more at our boutiques, at Siam Paragon Fl.1, Central Embassy Level 2, Groove at Central World & EmQuartier Fl.2, Curator Building C. 

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