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“I got a chance to visit the exhibition of Dutch painting at The National Gallery in London and it caught me in awe. It’s all about painting in the Dutch Golden Age during the 17th century and many pieces of them were highly valued for its degree of skillful realism. For example, Flowers Still Life depicts a profusion of scientifically accurate floral details. Textures are remarkably realistic such as tiny insect like a white butterfly alights on a marigold or the dark portraits with light focused only on the face and upper torso from Rembrandt Harmenszoond. His signature style makes him really famous until now and then. Moreover, from what I’ve been researching on people during that period as they mostly wear lace collar and its size depends on their social status.” said Aom Disaya Sorakraikittikul jovially, our creative director talks about her latest collection.



Various inspirations have been taken from paintings of the Dutch Golden Age and transformed into modern silhouettes; reminiscing DISAYA’s refinement which make Aom Disaya creating unique perspective and techniques for Disaya Fall/Winter 17. She concluded, “This collection portrays a fresh and youthful approach to the modern Disaya girl. We create a still-life printed dress features a sleeveless design with remarkable flamboyant patterns also the A-line silhouette in the liquid/royal blue has a tactile velvety texture over a multi-colored floral print. Same as the blue choker dress, which embellished with a scallop doily trim. Our last key piece features an enormous organza detachable lace collar which decoding the historical romantic era to make it as one-of-a-kind pieces.”




When it comes to pick her favorites collection, she immediately chimed, "Actually, I just can’t choose…I totally love all of them!! (laughs) I proudly present all the dresses from Ethereal Floret set because the print represents statement look from this collection. Additionally, Debutante Remix set are something I would live in and I truly believe that all the girls will love it too! I also really like jacket from Sumptuous Rebelace set. This jacket can be worn in any occasions…you can also mix and match with items that you already had in your closet too."




Last but not least, our creative director shows her passion & determination for Disaya Fall Winter 2017 collection through this interview, “All the details or fabrics that I’ve put it on each dress from this collection are so remarkable. Some of them are customized for this collection. Me and my team put more than 100% effort to make our customers feel like a special girl when she wears it. On the other hands, you can also mix & match each items from this collection with your creativity to make it more fun and fearless…and I hope you all like it much as I do because it’s gonna be SO savage, trust me.”




And to those who have wide-eyes on our new Disaya Fall/Winter 17, you can drop by at http://www.disaya.com and LINE ID: @disaya or find more at our boutiques, at Siam Paragon Fl.1, Central Embassy, Groove at Central World & EmQuartier Fl.2, Curator Building C. 


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