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DISAYA GETAWAY: Vacation time with Aom Disaya

Rainy season might always prevent us fine ladies from cruising through the city's flamboyance looking for some cool activities to kill boredom, even worse when you realize the gloomy weather actually causes you depression - THAT's why we need to seek something to inspire, relighting our inner fires to hit the road with our skanks! 


Last month, Aom Disaya Sorakraikitikul our Creative Director had her vocational time spent immaculately with her family and friends. Where were her destinations? Let's witness her journeys together, and don't be jealous, because after reading all these lines, it's also your chance to pack up! 


1. Where did you go in April? 


"I spent my times traveling to China and Japan. Started off in Shanghai, I literally brought the Disaya Fall-Winter 17 Collection for an exclusive meeting with local media and buyers. In fact, Disaya has already been made available in Shanghai since the last 4-5 seasons, but I have yet to meet up with Chinese media until then. The feedback was beyond satisfying. I then went on to Japan with my fiancé and kid, stopping at Osaka, Kyoto and another two weeks in Tokyo. Well it was quite a long-running one (Laugh).”


2. ]What activities did you enroll? Any recommendations on attractions for us Disaya Ladies? 


- Osaka


- Foods 

I have been to SO many awesome food joints. I recommend you guys try their infamous Teppanyaki bar, most of them use super-decent quality beef from their own farms. Imagine those beefy pieces that melt in your mouth! Also please try their Okomomiyaki since it's totally worth the calories. Another restaurant serves rice topped with eggs. This one has only one chef, 3 tables to be exact but tons of people are constantly queued up to try it. I loved their rice with cheese and curry the most. And when having it with their homemade demi-glace sauce, it just became magical! Not too many Thai tourists realize this eating spot exists, majority of the customers are local Japanese, that's why it deems intriguing! 

- Attractions. 

I highly recommend the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, not only based on the fact that my daughter is a dedicative animal lover, but the place has lots of impressive, nearly-extinctive creatures to witness like whale shark and mola mola. Another recommendation is the well-known Universal Studio, especially for those Harry Potter fans. But the venue was way too crowded when I attended so I kind of missed several awesome rides there. The Spider-man Ride was still my most favorite though. 


- Kyoto

I was so much in deep, passionate love with this township. Every aspect of Kyoto is enclaved in arts. Temple lovers might be completely blown away by the cultural details of the architecture, which are very classic and immaculately curated. The sakura was stunning, I couldn't even count how many photos I took of it. Stunning, indeed.  

- Tokyo

I had been to two mind-blowing exhibitions in the Capital. The first one was curated by world renowned artist Yayoi Kusuma. I was utterly impressed by the colors and the inspiration her workpieces reflect. Another one is the exhibition of Alfons Mucha. I couldn't explain how much I was so obsessively fascinated by his painting details. There's one that's very huge, that he just began painting it he was 50 something. (FYI: Mucha was once famous for his printed works before changing the direction of his arts to painting.)

Another must-visit in Tokyo is the Meiji Shrine. My family personally really gives respects to this particular shrine as we always visit here doing ceremonial stuffs. The Imperial Park is a perfect spot for cycling. My family loves biking along this green space because its charming beauty is just irresistible for the eyes, with castles and all those trees on the background. Then we always visit the petite crepe cafe nearby for a small sweet treat. 

3. What is your opinion towards Japanese fashion as you've seen within the trip? 


Very similar to Thailand I must say. Back then we Thai women might not have pulled off much fanciness compared to Japanese fashionistas or certain people from the magazine, but now I am pretty confident our senses of fashion have increased a lot domestically. I had a chance to drop by a mall to see that my Disaya collections are also made available. I'm planning to extend my business there in the near future as well. 


4. Last but definitely not least, what do you think you have gained during the trip? 


This whole trip serves as a life refresher to me. My whole body's battery was fully charged. I got rid of fatigues from works by enjoying good foods, awe-inspiring exhibitions, mesmerizing attractions that create unforgettable memories. I love how Japanese are such a perfectionist in general. They are humble and kindhearted, well-mannered in a way we should learn from it. And those things never bore me. 



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