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Disaya’s picks: Find out what our creative director packs for a trip

If packing for a trip is your worst nightmare, never fear. We've tapped all the tips and tricks for traveling in style from our creative director, Disaya Sorakraikitikul…and we bet you guys are gonna love it as much as we do! Keep reading on how she does it, her go-to vacay items, and what travel shoe she wears by…grab your gorgeous carry-on, put on your shades, and get ready to take off with us!!

When it comes to vacation outfits, do you strategize or wing it?

"I was once a horrible over-packer. I now tend to sort all the things out regarding to my mix & match skills, and it literally makes packing so much easier. I highly recommend this…Do not throw in extra pieces if you are not sure what to wear for the OOTD."


You can only squeeze one pair of shoes into your suitcase….Sneakers or boots?

"Nothing would never ever beat my Susanna boots from Chloe. It is my perfect on the go! The kind of boots that go well with all the looks for every trip I go.”

Do you have any packing dos or items you absolutely will bring?

"Leica Q is a must but now I opt for Leica sofort for instant film too. Since these camera functions are easy to use and adjust even if you’re not good at taking photos… Trust me it will turn out spectacularly perfect!! Oh, my travel sketching is tucked in my bag for almost every trip I go too. As you know, I love drawing as much as my daughter so we normally spend a day in the museum drawing and painting together.”  

What is your thought process when putting together an outfit — what do you start with?

"It's almost always about the accessories."


What items you can’t live without?

"Cap, hat and countless of shades since all of these will safely protect my skin and they will make you look effortlessly chic without even trying.”

What are your styling tricks for creating multiple outfits out of just a few items?

"One change can make all the difference….try matching Disaya dress from #SS17 collection with biker jacket with your can’t-live-without sunglasses and Susanna boots to boost up the vibe from very dressy style to boyish look."


When you're packing for a work-related trip, how does it differ from when you're packing for a vacation?

"I am a little more creative with my outfits because vacation means more casual (and, in the summer, more F-U-N). I always make sure to have a great look for every day on the trip."

Do you have any rules for travel style?

"There are no rules for me…just be comfortable with yourself and have fun when you dress up!! My motto is that you just have to feel good from inside which will lift up the confidence so you can put the #nofilter hashtag to a good use...Most importantly, make sure to take really great care of your flawless skin…I always bring my 24/7 moisturizer, Shimmering dry oil for body and hair, Chloe perfume and all make up stuffs such as foundation, lipsticks etc. with me during the trip.”


Where are your next stops?

"I will be in Shanghai for business meeting with my team and I will be travelling to Japan afterwards for Songkran holidays. However, I'm most excited to see what impromptu trips with my husband and daughter during 2017!!”



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