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Disaya Ink-spiration


Let us embark on a new journey and share with you about the big meanings behind our summer voyage story.  As those symbols were truly in nostalgia to reminisce the stage of being a sailor…

“The whole idea of what we wanted to do from the start was to take a representation-the dedication of Sailor Jerry. We try to be more unique and contemporary but still keeping it original as we want our work to speak for itself.” said our Creative Director enthusiastically.

Now let’s see how we have brought this inspiration into our latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Derived from the sailor culture, there are many hidden symbols you might have overlooked as each of them has its own tales. So pay attention up close to each product!


Swallows have been one of our significant symbols in this collection. It’s a sign of everlasting love that a sailor had after sailing 5000 nautical miles and always returning home. It was believed that if a sailor dies the swallows would carry his soul to heaven.



Representing love, hope and being royal as the sailor is willing to fight for anything romancing has been adapted into the form of temporary tattoos.



For a sailor, ships are both realistic and symbolic. It's where you go for work and exploration; and they're eminently seaworthy. Additionally, it’s the sense of hope, and good luck.



It represents stability, peace and determination and is the most secure object in a sailor's life. A sailor often has a word or the name of a special girl whom he truly loved.



This symbol is often used to remember a lost love, a strong love and a passion which is a sign of true love. Besides, hearts are an expression of feelings for someone really close.

So what’s your favorite symbol? And are you ready to find out how we have interpreted those symbols into our collection? It is always best to know the meaning behind what you are wearing. Thus, we have transformed those symbols into one of our must-have pieces, which is certainly one of the best looks to invest in for this season! Here is your chance to come and take a closer look at this DISAYA; Nautical Rebel set, we have got a sailor bomber jacket, skirt and shorts for you. The pattern and style has been technically developed from the classic sailor and imprinted with swallows, featuring several meanings behind it.  Absolutely one of your summer treasured pieces to look forward to!


If you want to witness where the symbols are hiding in our collection, we are proud and pleased to offer you to come and find out now via online www.disaya.com or add LINE ID: @ disaya www.disaya.com you can also discover more at our boutiques, at Siam Paragon Fl.1, Central Embassy, Groove at Central World & EmQuartier Fl.2, Qurator Building C. 

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