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#DISAYAvacationist BOX SET

The final days of working are right in front of us! Undoubtedly, all of you guys are preparing stuffs before going to a trip on the limited time you have. But for someone who doesn’t have any plans for summer trip and it leads you to feel anxiety? Well, we are your rescuer! Whether you want to take it easy with Disaya dress or wander around the streets of your favorite city, we’ve gathered the best items to put them in your vacation luggage so you can make the best time away from the same routine. 

It’s a perfect time to take it easy for your vacation because holiday never felt so good….The exclusive #DISAYAvacationist box are packed with expertly curated selections of our favorite products such as Diptyque, Jo Malone, Rockin and many more for all Disaya online customers.

With minimum spending 80,000 baht, GET #Disayavacationist Box with

  • Rockin Scarf
  • HIVE Hair treatment course (Voucher)
  • #Disayaculture Tattoo & DISAYA x Hann bath salt
  • SWELL Bottle

With minimum spending 40,000 baht, GET #Disayavacationist Mini Box

  • Diptyque Holiday set 3 scents
  • Hand Spa Voucher from Jo Malone
  • #Disayaculture Tattoo & DISAYA x Hann bath salt

With minimum spending 10,000 baht GET Hand Spa Voucher from Jo Malone

#DISAYAvacationist box will be available only at Disaya online boutique www.disaya.com and Line ID: @ disaya from 1 - 31 May 2017. Come fast because we don’t want you to miss out this dazzling set.


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