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“This summer season, I wanted to do something that give an easy and relax feel, something you can wear from day-night but still leave a scent of nostalgic and romance but not too staid and saccharine.” said Disaya jovially, creative director designer.


Every summer has a story, so this time for Spring/Summer 17, revered Creative director Disaya Sorakraikittikul has tapped into the complete range of creative inspiration, from the digital seaside approach to an era of sailors in 19th century, where ‘Sailor’s valentine was artistically crafted in an arrangement of seashells as an antique souvenir, and given as a gift to your loved one. How sweet is that?

The silhouette of this collection was inspired by the nautical vibes contrasted with a blend of contemporary fashion, where Breton stripes emerged from a sailor’s suit. The swallow tattoo is a sign of an everlasting love and signifies the long-distance travel, waves of the ocean- symbolizes the rhythm of love was reprised through the ruffles, and anemone seashells that were elegantly transfigured into a dimensional applique dainty lace; creating one of our most memorable collections.


Element of inspiration

Sailor’s uniform, Sailor’s valentine, The Swallow, Seashells, and Nautical vibes.

Art of Savoir Faire

The colourful tassels, exclusive pearl net, and embroidery were done preciously by hand.


Click through to explore our latest collections now at www.disaya.com and LINE ID: @disaya or find more at our boutiques, at Siam Paragon Fl.1, Central Embassy, Groove at Central World & EmQuartier Fl.2, Curator Building C. 


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