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Behind the Seams: Discover the making of fringe

It’s time to add a little spring to your summer!

Forgo that boring plain dress because summer time is all about being festive, fun and flamboyant and the fringe trend definitely exemplifies those three! Because when it’s done well, it can be a magical spin on any look and make you feel alive as it adds dimension to your dress; making you stand out from the crowd.

Now let us take you to discover the secrets behind the intricate process of how-to create the finest fringe, and witness the expertise and elegance of local haute couture with this exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour at Disaya.

You can see the meticulous level of dedication that all the designers have put in; the accuracy and quality of work at the craft ateliers is just so phenomenal that it makes your jaw drop since none of the work is done by machine!

Honestly, we don’t quite know how to imagine it but the atelier did apply each and every one of the tassels, individually and very precisely with tweezers. They are then sewn on, taking over 50 hours of work just to get the embellishment correct.

Can you just imagine all that hard work? You’d need lots of patience!

As you can see, getting close to couture is no easy feat unless you’re working in the industry, but with every high definition image, our general perceptions of savior-faire surely have to change.  It isn’t just a spectacle.  It isn’t just an hour wave of social media frenzy.  It’s a living and breathing thing with hands and heart, and despite Disaya’s presentations and behind the scenes exposure, they are definitely one of the unique collections to be treasured. 

Now click through to look best for your upcoming occasion! Please allow up to 6 weeks for your exclusive dress to be custom made for you. However, if you need your order sooner you may add our LINE ID: @disaya or visit us at our boutiques at Central Embassy 2nd Fl. or Groove at Central World 2nd Fl.

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