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For Spring/Summer 2019 collection, excessively luxuriant experiential travel habit which has taken over summer time. Disaya brings the hands-on craftsmanship with a huge Mexican heritage and colorful pride. The mixture of strong native legends, religion beliefs, artistic expressions and Spanish culture elements make this collection high-spirited.


The silhouette and embellishment of flamenco dress inspired an entire passage of the collection. Asymmetric design on the silhouette with a multiple fine layers become different and unique shapes. The ruffle surrounds the skirt giving a folklore touch remembering of the south heritage and gives movement to walk. The Sacred Heart is often depicted in Christian art; which has been credited to becoming a symbol appeared on blouses, dresses and jackets with Disaya’s signature savior-faire technique as sparkling sequins embroidery and 3D appliques. An Otomi printed wrap blouse with high waist skirt look interested for summer vacations. Holy cards painting transfer into light chiffon fabric make off shoulder maxi dress. Wide knit sweater also become essentials for beachwear in this season.


Moreover from the various silhouettes craft with Mexico's culture is vibrant, colorful and rich. This collection offers the vivid colors in red, green, pink and yellow, mixing with a basic palette like white and black.