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Path of Love - a sentimental romantic novel between beautiful art curator Isabel Richmond and charming Prince Theo of Wales inspires Disaya Sorakraikittikul, the creative director of Disaya, to interpret this love story through the new collection. For the Spring/Summer 2016, Disaya creates the new experience by exploring the lady™s imagination while she read this heartfelt story. From first scene when the lovers meet at the first sign, the incident that separates the lady from her noble prince, to the touching conclusion of this love story, the collection continuously reveals and smoothly combines the surrealistic dream with modern edge.

The imaginary story from the Disaya™s ladies transforms into the extraordinary creativities mixed by modernity and the wandering 1940™s shapes and silhouettes. A jacquard day dresses have more slick and slender, remarkable in Labels collage pattern. The letterpress printed & sequined embroidered crop top and skirt craft with couture technique, referred to modern characteristic of Isabel. Cutting and shape inspired by Prince of Wales™ tailoring costume adjusts into the new look. Lace patchwork jacket trim in a gingham pattern, long-sleeves dress decorates with pleated and stripe pastel laces. Or the flawless semi-transparent white gown embroiders with Lily-of-the-valley, the sign of pure love that links to the happy wedding in the last scene.

Moreover from the new silhouettes craft with excellent savoir-faire, this Disaya™s collection offers the Sauvignon maroon and dark navy blue mixing with a basic palette like white, pastel blue, and blush pink, Round out with stunning woven patterns, prints, and embroidery.