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Technological advances, innovations, revolutionary learning and intercontinental knowledge exchanges are on creative director Disaya Sorakraikitikul™s mind. Her curiosity on the topic of advancement is translated into Disaya™s Cruise 2016 Hortus Amator.

Every Disaya girl is imprinted by a modern DNA no matter what era they are from,said Disaya. For this collection, we™re not touching on being vintage™, but rather taking a look at advancement in the olden days.

Scientific findings from yesteryears rekindle the thirst in inquisitive souls. Creatures from far-flung places are preserved in a Wardian Case. Once fully developed internally, a change in style would gradually take place, shining from inside out. Adornments serve as a soul reflection, mirroring the deepest alterations.

The natural wonders in shapes of plants and flowers have been transferred into loose, flowing constructions to enable mobility. A new story emerges when juxtaposing streetswear mentality in graphic patterns and sharp cuttings with fragile flowers and femininity. Black lining, floral prints and colorful swamp creatures”straight out of antique encyclopaedia ” highlight classic tones such as white. Dark blue is offset by white and liquid sky blue envelopes colour palettes together harmoniously.

The accessory line plays around a four-leafed clover, Disaya™s brand symbol. The clover is decked out in multi color crystals on alternating rose gold and silver chains.