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Disaya Sorakraikittikul, Creative Director of DISAYA, brings the ladies out to explore an extraordinary trip filled with endless individuality
experiences into her new collections. For this Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, she was inspired by the book “The Long Weekend” the
British royal family lifestyle in the countryside between the interwar period, inspired by the upper class in modern society interests such
as gardening, horse riding and hunting, among the industrial architectures to decorative details related to a way of living such as
mounted animal head, silverware and just a hide off horsiness, variants of the royal arms along the wall, create a new senses luxurious
wilderness into the collection.

The elemental forces of the countryside intended to heighten the slickness and the sharpness of this collection. Disaya drew on a hyper-
luxe the idea of the great outdoor activities, with some hunting outerwear - a blue quilted horse blanket transformed into a cape, for
instance, or soft, flowing wild floral trench coat, which rather niftily went over scenery printed silk blouse and velvet rose pink trousers. A
silky long-sleeve dress looks sensational with new fabric photo print technique from embroidery carpet, neatly patched with knit trim
inspired from vintage sportswear. A mid-length pants combined with the wide belt decorative from horse bit. With ribbon folding
techniques as lavender and wild rose, collage various fabrics to create an element of astonishment. In this collection offers Lavender
purple and Mallard green combined with a classic palette such as white, cream, black, and Blush Rosette pink, the iconic palette of the