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For this Fall/Winter 2016 collection, a distinctive eccentricity of arts between a luxurious style of modern Europe and ethnic uniqueness from the dark and wild continent is the newest experimental designs from Disaya Sorakraikittikul, the creative director of Disaya. The collection that unveils an extreme difference of two cultures, is primarily inspires by works of William Morris. This incapable British artist, who was a major contributor of handicraft works in an international Arts and Crafts Movement in the 19th century, aspires a new senses of medieval revival into the new collection. The designs continuously combine with an exotic culture of Africa, from soulfully prehistoric parietal arts to beautiful tribal garments that are decorated with geometric and animal textiles.

The various designs of arts from both modern Europe and ancient tribals are harmonized to refined silhouette by extraordinary creativities and modernity of Disaya. A sleek and slender long-sleeve dress looks remarkable with the MORRIS REPRISE, a medieval influenced tile lace. The MORRIS REFINE printed dress suit mixes with monochrome floral embroidery on plain fabric, derived from Morris™ unfinished sketches. An empire lined day dress with wild creatures and plants camouflage, called MORRIS REMIX, crafts with techno-couture 3D printing technique. A hand-crafted draping silk dress decorates with lace and crystals, A darken lace night gown adjusted into African tribal style matches with the classic pieces as pastel lace trench coat, vivid fitted overcoat decorating with the leopard figure around the shoulder, an ancient tribal style faux fur coat or translucent fabric jacket with floral embroidered leather patchwork.

Moreover from the various silhouettes craft with excellent savoir-faire, this collection offers the dark navy, Sauvignon maroon, brown and yellow mixing with a basic palette like white, pastel blue, and blush pink as a touch of femininity.