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Disaya’s cruise 2017 collection brought you to Barcelona, the solar city where a metropolitan chic merged with arts and history. The creative director, Disaya Sorakraikittikul, explored this new romantic trip through the movement of Spanish Art Nouveau known as “Catalan Modernism”. From the heritage architectures around the city to micro decorative details as curvilinear plant and floral motif, the essence of Catalan Modernism was transformed into the refined garment along with Disaya’s craftsmanship.  The individualized and distinctive masterpieces of famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi, lead to majority inspirations from the pristine nature shape to embraced with free-spirited attitude for contributing the endless creativity. The undulating and twisted design of his iconic architectures was converted into spiral and asymmetric pattern on beautiful dress. The remarkable mosaic art on Gaudi’s exterior façade was transfigured to a sculptural lacework. With unique savoir-faire technique as sequins embroidery and 3D appliques, the lace gown was crafted delicately to create various textures on the surface of dresses. Reinforcing with the luscious and enriched with Catalan tiles, the exquisite floral motif translated to the newest printed patchwork on the pellucid fabric, applying on the sleek FIT&FLARE silhouette.   The collection also reinterpreted the remarkably rich colors of Catalan Modernism into the Sauvignon maroon, Cobalt blue and Crayola peach blending with Disaya’s palette as Silver moon and Liquid Sky to represent a refined modernity.