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From the faraway Barbados islands, the love-object “Sailor’s Valentine” was crafted as a souvenir for the sailors’ loved ones. This delicate shellcraft memorabilia imprinted an adventurous and romantic trip from the middle of the sea to their homeland. A nostalgia sense from utopian era of sailors in 19th century also reinforced with the digital seaside. Disaya’s sense of ocean and sea is a metaphoric museum of memories: the infinite time and network space that can collect the human’s love memorabilia in one place. And as its dynamic and mysterious character – ocean and sea were linked to the digital approach in terms of interactive nowness and boundless waves of cyber data. Combining with refinement and savoir-faire, the collection was described as an emotion map for Disaya’s women as an aesthetic vacationist to their rendezvous where remnants of love and memory were recollected together.