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For the Pre-Fall 2019 collection, Disaya has moved on from exploring Mexican heritage to seeing French’s glories through the eyes of the women who experience an incredibly rich legacy of Parisian bistros from the Art Nouveau time. The atmosphere is lively, tastefully colorful, and pleasant with a selection of cuisine to match. Its Art Nouveau setting made of carved wood, ceramics, mirrors and glass painting to put together elements in the collection.


The silhouette created simplicity, loose, shorter hemlines, and lightweight fabrics in an art nouveau floral and fruit pattern with Disaya’s signature savior-faire technique as lace applique. There's always room for dessert, asymmetrical skirts and dresses are also particularly flattering on curvy hips; giving a touch of French brasserie inspired from lemon on top of creme brulee become apparent over jacquard fabric. The iris known as France’s national flower appeared in a sheath dress with pearl embroidery detail along the tail. Clafouti is a baked French dessert of fruit, traditionally cherries, arranged into custom-made fabric transfer into blazer vest, ruffle skirt and jumpsuit with 3D cherries make in an appearance on the clothes. Furthermore, a classically brasserie with fresh seafood such as lobster becomes sparkling sequin embroidery appeared on waist dress creates prefect day-to-night look for this season.


Apart from the various elements crafted with DISAYA’s savior-faire, this collection also offers a soft tonal palette in beau blue, lemon, and corn silk, mixing with signature color like blush rosette pink to give the perfect finishing touch.