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Disaya Sorakraikittikul, Creative Director of DISAYA, brings the ladies out to explore an extraordinary voyage filled with endless experiences into her new collections. For this Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, she was inspired by the modern circus which established in the British and extremely popular during the Victorian Era. The performances include acrobats, rope-dancers, and jugglers, interspersing their acts between equestrian displays, created for the upper-class society entertainment, bring a new sense of luxurious excitement into the collection.


The elemental forces of this collection intended to the silhouettes of 1980's look were a tailored. Disaya drew on a hyper-luxe the idea of the circus performances, with acrobat pattern - a ring mistress costume transformed into off-the-shoulder tops, puff sleeves jacket and shorts. A silky long-sleeve dress looks sensational with velvet fabric in la lune and le soleil printed. A mid-length dress combined with burnout technique creates a unique pattern in blue and violet colors and trimmed with rug fringe. A diamond shape from the interior of the circus become the main element appears through dresses with zodiac embroideries. Apart from the various elements crafted with DISAYA’s savior-faire, in this collection offers the ombré palette such as warm yellow of the sun till dark night blue combined with a classic palette such as white, black, and blush rosette pink, the signature palette of the brand.