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Disaya Sorakraikittikul, Creative Director of DISAYA, has always taken inspirations from her journeys and interpreted these unique experiences into her new collections. For Fall/Winter 2017, she was inspired by a spectacle of art painting in the Dutch Golden Age during the 17th century, which derives from these artists, whom were a major of painting in theof still life painting was elegantly transformed into the refined garment together with the modern aspect and DISAYA’s craftsman- ship.

Various inspirations have been taken from paintings of the Dutch Golden Age and transformed into modern silhouettes; reminisc- ing DISAYA’s refinement. The collection portrays a fresh and youthful approach to the modern women. To begin, the dainty ex- quisite lace dress is adorned with a still-life motif and crystals; the still-life printed dress features a sleeveless design with remarka- ble flamboyant patterns; the A-line silhouette in the liquid/royal blue has a tactile velvety texture over a multi-colored floral print; the blue choker dress is embellished with a scallop doily trim. Our last key piece features an enormous organza detachable lace collar, decoding the historical romantic era.

In additional to the various silhouettes crafted with our exceptional savior-faire, this collection offers a beautiful palette - the liquid sky blue, bright yellow and silver metallic, mixed together with a basic colour scheme; black, white and blush rosette pink to give a touch of femininity.