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Disaya was founded in 2005 under the vision of Disaya Sorakraikittikul and is managed by A-List corporate Co., Ltd. Disaya values sensual designs and luxurious touches of highly sourced fabrics and combines them into each unique collection. Disaya is moti- vated to find the best elements to present to all confident and soulful spirits of all young women. From cutting to embroidery to stylish little details. To make sure than every piece expresses more than its own beauty but its innovations and eye-catching element that make every woman stands out in her very own style.

For Disaya Sorakraikitikul, Disaya’s founder and creative director, the past decade has narrated a wonderful adventure of a woman experimenting with styles.

In 2006, Disaya enchantingly casted its spell to Louise Winwood, Amy Winehouse then stylist. It was the first export season of the Disaya, in the United Kingdom when Winwood was working with the photographer Mischa Richter requested for the loan of a dress for Amy's ‘Back To Black’ album photoshoot. Amy Winehouse – the late global super-star, had given her endorsement to Disaya early designs with her iconic style. That’s why when the news broke; Disaya was terribly shocked by Amy unfortunate death. Only after she heard about the establishment of the foundation setting up by Winehouse’ family that she decided with no hesitation to play a part in it to help and supports charitable activities for vulnerable young people.

For recently collection, Disaya’s famous designs have been worn by celebrities including Chriselle Lim, Camilla Belle, Holland Rodan, Rowan Blanchard, January Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ali Larter, Naomie Harris and Anne Hathaway.